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Make More Than a Living


You’re Here to Learn

The Art of Creative Side Hustling

Conversations with those who’ve done it (and no one did it alone).


Honest Money Talk

Making a living as a freelance artist is not easy, but it’s not impossible. What does it take? Honest conversations with writers, designers, filmmakers, activists, and other creative entrepreneurs. Dare to dream a different way of living. Learn how to manage your personal finances on your journey from broke to brazen.

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Real-Life Wellness

Yoga and meditation seem great on Instagram. But how do you take care of yourself IRL – And how does mindfulness help your creativity? Experts say that modern life demands frequent moments of “mini-zen” to increase productivity, mental health, and happiness. Here’s our two cents…

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Stories That Connect Us

We are more than our finances. We are people connecting with people. Doing things to enact change in the world. So here are the stories of more people. Poetry, fiction, and essays to remind you – You aren’t alone.

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Professional Resources

Take advantage of freelance templates, resources, guides, and articles. Whether you love your day job, or can’t wait to leave, professional learning never stops.

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Good News

Mistakes are welcome.


And setbacks are always celebrated. Two steps forward, one step back. This is the creative way.


Free Resource

The Journey from Broke to Brazen.

Brazen means “bold and without shame.” But let’s be honest – Getting there is a journey.