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The 3 habits I practice daily to build my side hustle

For better or worse, I value intrinsic motivation. I've always placed more emphasis on following what sparks my curiosity than on fulfilling outside expectations placed upon me. This made finding a career path ... interesting.

I loved being a teacher, but eventually I wanted more control over my time and income. So, I overhauled my life by getting a more flexible job, and I also picked up a freelance-writing side hustle. In one year I was able to grow my income by 50%, and I did it by networking online and holding myself accountable.

Read the rest of the article to learn my 3 daily habits on Business Insider. (originally published July, 2019)

Why I became a freelance personal finance writer

I turned to freelance writing last year as a way to take my earning potential into my own hands after realizing that 1-3% annual raises were not enough to actually fund the life and the legacy I want for myself. I quickly began building my portfolio, and I now write for well-known publications like Business Insider, WeAreTeachers, and a handful of other creative content marketing clients, both ghostwritten and bylined.

I realize now that I chose personal finance writing because what better way to self educate than to interview experts and write on topics like debt, real estate, and budgeting?

I am interested in helping people (especially millennials) make empowered life choices. I like writing to be fun, collaborative, and uplifting, but also give people the information they need to live life on their terms.

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A life without Sunday Scaries (or any kind of "scaries" for that matter)

In 2015 I wanted to be a writer, but professionally, I was not there yet. The problem was not that I didn't have any editor contacts, or that I had never taken an internship at a magazine, or that I hadn't accumulated enough bylines. The problem was this: I still thought of myself as an employee.