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…and THIS is my ideal office.

…and THIS is my ideal office.

Following what I thought was financially prudent advice, I taught elementary school for three years while writing on the side. I then learned that, despite my biggest fears, the gig economy actually works for my personality.  I now aspire to be #fullyfreelance by the age of 30 so that both my creative work and my financial health can flourish. I use the time-saving tricks I learned as a kindergarten teacher, plus practices from my yoga & mindfulness training to help me develop a growth mindset and keep my goals in mind.

This blog will chronicle the process of going #fullyfreelance in the coming months. I hope to share helpful advice, thoughtful reflections, and practical insights into the process.

ABOUT ME: I am a creative writer, content marketer, and poet who has written articles for inspiring & sustainable businesses like We Are TeachersAqua Vida, and Bloomforth. My poems have appeared in Palette Poetry and sPARKLE & bLINK. My work was a finalist in the 2018 Public Poetry Contest, judged by Sasha West, Cyrus Cassells, Raina León and the late Tony Hoagland, and won third Place Prize in Poetry in the 2017 LitQuake Writing Contest.